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Last Saturday I visited the venue for my next Perfume as Practice solo exhibition – Bureau Gallery in Blackburn.

As with any space, Bureau Blackburn comes with its own set of quirks, nuances and challenges. Chiefly, the space is a former Church, and as I strive to place my Perfume as Practice exhibitions under specific themes, I must question whether I should respond to the aesthetics of the venue and position the perfumes under some kind of religious theme.

Religion could certainly be utilised effectively as a theme, with a lot of possibilities and avenues to explore. There is something intangible yet profound about religion, and that shares parallels with the conceptual possibilities of perfumery: Placing perfume and religion beside each other may well inform, reinforce and extend our relationship with both.

fragrance and religion also share historical connections and narratives; particularly around rituals, sacrificial offerings and the use of incense. Again, I need to address whether there is any viability in exploring such connections within my exhibition.

So my visit gave me a lot to think about! No doubt I’ll spend the next week or so thinking things through in order to arrive at answers to the questions posed.

(Pictured: Bureau Blackburn’s space, showing their current exhibition by Sonny J. Barker)