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So after getting all housework completed I finally sat down and managed a pretty hardcore session of approximately eight hours (broken at times) of good quality working time. Lovely.

I have been pondering lately on the question of artistic complacency; is there any such thing even? I think there is just for the record, I was also wondering how this affects my work? I ask this as generally speaking I may have a vague idea about the kind of drawing I want to produce but other than that I let the drawing build itself. I get into a comfort zone and sometimes ask myself should I push my work out of it sometimes? The thing is I enjoy passionately my current drawing methods and feel they are relevant to me/ my situation and my current aims.

On a different note I have also been thinking about the use of social media (namely Instagram) as an exhibiting tool. My conclusions of this short lived preoccupation was that in my current situation sites like Instagram are almost a very small exhibition of my work; I mean this insomuch as that I use it as a testing ground for opinion – scrutiny of any nature. As sad as this sounds it works well for me at the moment as I have a busy full time job and the lions share of the household duties so getting work out there as such can be a problem. It allows me to become less precious and secretive about what I do and get used to the idea that other artists might judge me and my work. The bottom line is who the hell cares? 1. In what I am doing – am I that arrogant and deluded that I feel I have to keep my work out of any public domain in fear my ideas being stolen – please. 2. Who really cares what others think as long as you are following – with integrity your own artistic visions – it isn’t like I would change them if somebody said they hated what I do; and I’m sure that would be the same for everyone else too.

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