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So as I was driving through our magnificent capital city today whilst at work the incredible fusion of old and new, the history to the cutting edge made me reflect more philosophically than usual about the course life takes, how it changes logically my own life. These thoughts were further amplified by receiving (the first of many I’m sure) an email saying my exhibition submission was unsuccessful – rather the shortlisted had been notified – And I hadn’t been. This email came at a good time really as I was in such a contemplative mood as it made me start to wonder what kind of work I would be able to make if I had more time to draw? Whilst one side of this is wildly depressing it also has another side – and use – imagining what I could do with more time has resulted in me thinking well why not try anyway? Almost turning this negative thought into a fuel for further projects.

On getting home this evening I had an avalanche of housework to do so whilst I would always rather draw I am also rather fond of a cooked meal and a clean and tidy home so, I relented, whizzed through the house begrudgingly accepting being thrust back into reality watching any drawing time evaporate so I promised myself the time to write instead – an endeavour which I am coming to love.

Incidentally I did NOT “appreciate” my own blog post…it must of been a slip of the finger; which subsequently couldn’t be undone…embarrassing.


If I am being honest I have no idea if there is any kind of “blog etiquette” on the frequency and/or quality of the posts published but I do know writing possibly inane posts helps massively with my practice.

I am finding it increasingly more difficult to remain reserved about the enthusiasm that is sweeping through me at the moment. (Sounds utterly ridiculous as I have just realised that I sound like a hormonal teenager but who cares).

Now I have managed to gain a foothold for working on my drawings at home I have found that my practice has been welcomed into the family unit – something I didn’t think would happen so readily. In fact it has had a positive effect on things, it has swept up all of the time (and much more) I would of otherwise spent stagnating in front of a load of bollocks on TV that I did not even want to watch in the first place. I have also found that i have begun to balance my time more evenly between my family as I am actually conscious of the fact I spent a lot of time drawing again which makes me think about how I am spending my time – bloody fantastic.

If nothing else the simple act of drawing has supercharged my life and right now I am drawing what I’m drawing simply because I love doing what I do.


With the RA summer show deadline looming I am trying to decide what to submit? I’m confident I can finish a new piece within this period but I am also pondering refining an existing piece as I have several as yet unfinished drawings that I am in the process of completing.

I was thinking the summer show might be a good place to begin trying to exhibit my work – at least submitting and seeing what happens? The way I see it it can only be a positive experience regardless of the outcome. I think a deadline whilst in the abyss of producing work basically in solitude will stimulate activity – thus increasing productivity and – if I am accepted I will receive the benefit of a little validation for what I do. Also becoming used to preparing pieces for exhibition.

I have also entered into the Conversed and Dazed emerging artist award – nothing ventured – nothing gained.

What the hell…I have to remind myself we live only once – so why not go for what you want…take it and run with it as hard as you can.


So, whilst not having an awful lot of time to create drawings I have never taken seriously the importance of taking decent pictures of my work – and how it can change its imapct.

Whilst a necessity for having good pictures of your work has always obviously been the case the gap in which I created next to no work was the period in which social media of all kinds really took off and started to change life as we had always known it. One minute “Myspace” was a thing that few people had and it all seemed rather strange – to then going to people putting the contents of their breakfast plate on the Internet seemingly overnight. This also clearly helped/ helps implement artists in gaining more exposure for their work; and suddenly before paint was drying on a canvas it was plastered all over the Internet.

I digress.

I have begun to learn about taking (for me) better and pictures that actually accurately record my work; I have had an epiphany consisting of white balnce, no coloured lighting, turning the flash off etc, etc, etc. With just a few small tricks I have learnt recently I have found in the last couple of weeks I have actually learnt the skills to help my drawings stand up in the arena of social media and websites/ opportunity applications. Now this may sound very basic – and I’m sure it is but for me and my practice; its a great big step. It has helped my confidence and my practice become a little more autonomous…uh oh…next post title – isolated artist seeks help!!!


Whilst working on a drawing today some rather obvious but important points sprung to mind, I realised that it is only through continuous practice that I as an artist can really understand 1. What I love and 2. What I consider valuable about the art I make.

I guess I have been stuck in a ridiculous mind set regarding drawings that in order to be worthwhile they should be large. This is obviously not the case. Some of the smallest things i own are the my most prized possessions. I think it was originally the fact that I wanted huge amounts of intricate detail to be almost hidden within the scale of the paper.

I have arrived at these rather obvious observations only through the constant thought practice evokes in ones mind. Those more abstract of connections of different things seem to marry perfectly whilst I am drawing.

On a completely different note I have been musing on which way to push my drawings: I reverted in the end to my default setting and let what comes – come.

Get the pen on the paper and let it flow.