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It has been six months since my last post, I actually thought it had been longer so that is a good thing. I have been extremely busy making a lot of new work – some of which I will share in this post. The tone of my work is beginning to change very slightly I think? Although aesthetically basically the same I feel it growing and urging the natural change, it feels as if I am making good ground and developing all the time. At this present moment times are good – and have been for some while now.

As is always with things of this nature the creative carrot is always subconsciously being dangled seductively just over the horizon gesturing and beckoning at oneself to follow to exciting new lands and pastures new. The desire of the new – the unknown. I suppose this is partly the attraction to creating things…the excitement, the experience, the immense and overflowing feeling of luck in the fact that this object – be it a drawing, sculpture or painting has entered your life (albeit by your own hand) and forever enriched your life – changing very slightly the course you were on prior to that moment – it’s like a drug…it’s addictive.

Thank you for visiting and reading – if you got this far.