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i glance over to the window – the afternoon sun lighting up  **** phone rings *****

sometime later its getting dark now, my earlier happy mood further helped by a really positive phone call that potentially will led into something really really positive.

my week has been good and enjoyable and productive – the sun has been out – a good week to be on holiday.


i’ve bee tip of the week !

“Generate value in your practice by developing the relationships with people and organisations connected to it.” Tip of the Week from Andrew Martyn Sugars, AA2A Artists 2011 – 12 Nottingham Trent University @TrentUni @andrewsugars


yes ! aa2a have published my top tip and i’ve managed to take my own advice this week.

(i note that the embed function is improving yet i still can;t press the final button to make it stick – note for a-n web development team)

i feel quite bingly. my week has had lots of things starting or restarting.

i’m happy this is the case as my january developed into such an enjoyable month that i honestly wondered how i might follow it up.  the answer came – with new stuff !

my confidence is still on the up and it feels good.

one of the starting things is the skin and bone trio.  i’m researching what generative visuals i might want to present to the trio as a starting point for them to ponder.  here are three images from a section of work done earlier in the week.  i’m pleased how they look.



a different day – different starting point – different images to share.



the skin and bone opportunity presents many problems to find solutions for.  one of them is how to control the nature of the generation.  this week a wacom tablet arrived and i’ve fallen foul of operating system incompatibility – i work at finding a workaround and i do have an idea.


i’ve left the restart till last – picking up the whittling of skulks of foxes.  a friend’s son is 21 soon and there’s a party to go to.  what to give ?  i decide it’s time to share my skulks with him.  for the first time i work with cherry, sourced from a volunteer session doing woodland management tasks near to where i live.

i’ve found the cherry really lovely to work with.  it was felled two weeks ago and sat outside so moisture content is high.  whittling as been relatively easy – once i remembered what steps i needed to make to create the fox !  the third attempt is the one i’m going to give.  i spent a lot more time with this set and i’ve realised a lot.   the hardest part is making the nose and of the 8 i only had one that looked vaguely how i wanted it to.  i went back in gently whittled away more wood.

i use homemade charcoal to blacken their noses.


as the cherry dries – it changes colour !

i’m so looking forward to giving the present to him.


returning to the skin and bone work – i think i have a plan.  as the project is for all intense and purpose voluntary, i’m keeping in focus the “it needs to be fun”.  so with this in mind i’m making time to play when it feels good to do so.

i have a sense of the layering i need to be able to feel responsive to the trio’s improvisation.  for now i’m concentrating on establishing what the three layers are.  at some point i hope to improvise (play) along with the trio.

i have some options to consider for human interface.  all in good time.

something that has been giving me a headache this week is how to show my work.  i think the project needs what i create to be projected in some way.  i’m keen for the output to be part visual and part light show.  my time on ebay has been on the increase of late.  (i currently don;t own or have access to a projector.) .

one thing i’m aware of is that my wish to upgrade my phone – ongoing since last summer – might well have to wait again as i work out if i have any budget to purchase something second hand.

the trio have mentioned the intention to consider making an application for funding.  we’ll met sometime soon to explore why we need the money.  i feel the conversation could become tense as we collectively explore our attitude to how might we work towards the wanted outcomes of potential funders ?


its half term next week so not sure how it’ll pan out at home.  i know i have commitments at the beginning and end of the week – i wait happily to discover what scope for play and fun present themselves.

happy weekend everyone.