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after a weeks break at the end of august i’m slowly adjusting to september and beginning to get my head around what work load i need to manage.

before i move onto melbourne i want to spend a little time reflecting about my practice relative to human to human contact.

its relatively easy to bury myself into research and making in the pursuit of finding answers.  this also makes it easy for me to become isolated.  over the last week i’ve been through an experience that has left me reflecting, reviewing and talking openly about my struggles with my partner.  my partner too is adjusting to september and all the new things this brings for her.



in researching what the experience of working internationally is like by tapping into international opportunities to share my work, i’m mindful of how this needs to be balanced out with time spent facing other humans.  this is maybe why facebook as a means to connect fails to light me up as a meaningful way to be connected.

the mens circle i am part of meets once a month and this commitment is i believe starting to have a positive impact upon the way i go about fulfilling my needs as a person.  particularly problematic as a self employed person.



as new projects start to come online i find myself gathering myself together to become stronger and more secure in me and my ability.



The Mobile Innovation Network and Association [MINA] creates interactions between communities, content and the creative industries.  they are based in melbourne australia and in november their festival will feature shimmering place



i’ve been invited to present something at their symposium too, so i’m super excited to be able to add to my non linear research by participating in this event.



after the experiences of this last week i have a better feeling of how i want to feel.  there were very scary moments and in the old adage of what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, i am taking bold steps into a new worlds and opportunities with a devil may care attitude.

so in the coming weeks  i am going to practice managing myself better so when i do have human to human time its the best experience for all of us.     i know there’s no particular time where i’ll be bringing chocolate too.