Inspired by another artist, I’ve decided to make a list of the goals I have for art related work this year. I particularly want to improve my CV by working on a range of different art related projects, such as planning events. Alongside this I want to keep on producing my own work. So far I haven’t been keen to sell my work, in order to get together a good body of work, but this year I hope to start making some money from it.


Solo exhibition

I have an exhibition at KIAC booked for April, and I need to start making arrangements for this now.

Art Market

I’m already starting to plan how this could work and talking to people about potential venues.

Curated exhibition

Together with Michael Borkowsky I’m thinking about planning an open call to artists based on the theme of computer gaming. On my part this is largely a planning task, involving organising all aspects of the exhibition.

Get work ready to sell

I have a couple of smaller projects currently underway that I really need to get finished. Part of the problem is requiring money in order to make money, but that’s just life I suppose!

Provide workshops

I want to plan and present new workshops, as well as making myself more available to venues.

Get more involved

This involves visiting more exhibitions, making more contact with various people, places and media, and trying to get my work shown in more venues.

I love writing lists, and hopefully this list will help me to focus and achieve the goals I have for 2014.