It’s not been an unusual sight to see me carrying stacks of work between the Ecclesall Road area and Shalesmoor for the last few weeks, as I’ve been getting all of my work down to my studio in preparation for my exhibition. I’m terrible at finishing off little details, such as signing my work, and putting mirror plates on canvases, so I’ve been trying to get on with that side of things. I’ve also been stitching like crazy, trying to finish off my cross-stitch and a self portrait I’ve been working on for ages.

The promotional side of things has taken up a lot of my time, but I’m happy to say I’ve had some response, and I’ve been mentioned in The Star newspaper, as well as having been contacted by local magazines.

I still have lots of work to do before the opening on Friday, such as preparing some information and prices to accompany my work, but I’m confident that I’ll be ready on time. I’ll start hanging my work on Thursday.

People keep asking me if I’m excited, and, although I’m sure I will be on the opening night, I’m not excited at the moment. It feels like I’m just sort of doing my job, even though it’s the best job in the world.

My biggest worry is that I won’t have enough work to fill such a large gallery space. Find out if I manage it this Friday by coming down to say “Hi”.


Exhibition Planning

I have my first solo exhibition on 4th April at Gage Gallery in Sheffield, so I’m busy trying to prepare.

I’ve got some work to get finished off, as well as all the usual planning and promoting to do. Over the weekend I finished a set of 9 canvases painted with pills. I’m intending to hang them in a grid and they will probably be the cheapest work available at the exhibition. I’m also stitching like mad to try and get a cross-stitch finished in time. I didn’t particularly intend for it to go in to the exhibition, but since it’s under way I’d quite like to get it in.

Along with new work, I also have lots of bits to finish off on other pieces, such as painting the sides of box canvases, or signing paintings. I haven’t really given much thought to the curation yet.

I’m particularly struggling with getting into the promotion of the event. I’m trying to write a press release, but I’m finding it difficult to find the right words. I should also get organised and send some invite out, but I seem to be so distracted at the moment.

Other things I need to get sorted are ordering some business cards, and I wanted to get some postcards printed, but I think it may already be too late for that.

Anyway, I can console myself with the fact that work is getting made, and I’ll be knuckling down this week to get on with promoting.

Follow my blog to see how my preparation progresses.

If you’d like to come along to the opening evening, you can find information here: