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Work in progress going well, though late with the blog entry. The series with ‘news stand’ as the working title, is yet to be fully developed, but a first completed run has been made, and pictured here. This set using a local newspaper has two versions, black and white, and also a colour version. The full version will be nationals, but less variation between them. The final set may be ‘nationals’ or ‘tabloids’, but I don’t want to define it just yet as I want to see it evolve. The first run, pictured here, has a secondary set of smaller A4 versions but not all of the series will have that. Well, not unless further specific ideas evolve during the process, but I may return to those later if at all.

I have decided that A1 sheets work better than A2, and that smaller secondary pieces have to work in a different way to the larger pieces. In that, they need to function independently of the newspaper context, well to some extent.

I had a conversation earlier during last week and I said that newspapers and politicians it seems to me, either lie and/or mislead, not by the statements that they make, but in the omissions to their statements. The whole picture never seems to be present at the point of announcement. My work does this to some extent by omitting aspects from within the appropriated images and other material, but the allergisation adds something other than the original message. I take the original references and divert them.

While I am interested in the way communication works and while I am interested in how representation works, I do not seek to illustrate that, I want to take that interest along with other thoughts. Sometimes, well quite often really, I like to add some nonsense, or diversion. The images become something more and different then. The viewer will be held in the deluge with closure suspended.

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