August 18

The poster for the World Premiere of Sound Scape is now ready and there will be two performances on Sunday 18th September at 2pm and again at 3pm of it with live musicians. Each performance will be different according to the choices of the musicians in selecting the sculptures and the music.

Sound Scape has nine sections – every performer plays every section at least once and there should not be any attempt to achieve synchronisation of the parts but performers should feel free to respond musically to each other during the performance.

Sound Scape will be part of Cheshire Open Studios Exhibition at Charles Roe House in Macclesfield from 8th to 25th September. The Private View is on Friday 9th September from 6pm.  The nine sculptures will be installed and there will be several compilations of the playing of the musicians.

These have been recorded and  complied by Paul Maddocks, our Sound Engineer,  in conjunction with Julia Harding, the composer and will be on a loop for continuous playing throughout the exhibition.

We have a further performance, tbc, arranged for February, and we hope here will be many more – maybe even in Europe at an Art in Nature Symposium next year.

The next blog will be after the World Premiere which we hope will be a great success!