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We three made work as one

The tensions (often good) of being separate yet merged

We noticed for each other things we might not notice ourselves

We noticed each other noticing

It made us feel like better artists

We discovered we could trust each other and the site for work to happen

We tried new processes teetering on the edge of performance

Sometimes those processes made us feel uncomfortable

What can you do together that you can’t do alone?

It was surprising

And fast: three, to the power of three

Lark song was conjured from a stone

We became seals


We settled for lies (like the Warren)

There were tender deceptions

There are new contacts

Ranger Steve showed us the tiny vulnerable Warren Crocus

We kept trampling over our collaboration

We are still learning to give way

We (re)learnt the value of documenting

The video camera – once an inhibitor became a collaborator

It can become work by mistake

A reward for being there doing something

More things are possible than you might think

We shared ‘sippets’ of research, talked a lot and emailed loads

It can become work by mistake

We learnt how to share work online

Can we learn from LOW PROFILE to be ‘artists not administrators’?

A trip was made to Portland to meet with the b-side team and improvise at the Batteries

We could have encouraged more public participation

We made a publication, all three of us making decisions together: it was hard

But worth it: “lies lies lies – I bought them” and they “made me smile”

We had a show of work in progress on site, in 3 beach huts

There was a video reel showing off-grid

The sun shone, people came and were enthusiastic, helpful

“You had way too much fun”

Some work needed more explanation

And introductions were sometimes forgotten

What are the best words to talk three-as-one?

3 weeks later, we are showing the work at 333 Gallery Exeter Phoenix

We commissioned a writer

His response is insightful: there is talk of making new work

Talk of a proposal to take part in a symposium

We could transfer our processes to another site?

But we are missing the Warren already

Are you getting this?




Thank you a-n





“Shall we do another one?”