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A friend posted the shipping forecast on Facebook. No explanation just the pressure, wind direction and visibility. I realised how much more it meant to me now, as a virtual island dweller, down the pointy end of Cornwall. When the wind comes in off the bay from the South west there is one particular place on the harbour arm which is almost impossible to walk along due to the force of restricted air. A northerly brings wind and rain to the front of our house and one sash window rattles it’s disapproval. Cold fronts announce themselves down stairs in our house by chilling the air around the back door. Mizzle (mixture of mist and rain and low cloud) drifts across from the high ground above Penzance dulling the horizon then the end of the street. Everywhere has weather but here it controls my day more closely and when there is high pressure and the wind drops in June, as it did today, we get 3 days in one. Combined with my new attention to ‘Deep work’ concentration, painting, framing, collage and a swim all fell into place.