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A proper break from the anchor of art, a whole month, August, and being with the one I love, walking, camping, exploring. This was not really planned so it took some adjustment from work mode. When you are lucky enough to be able to create every day and to be sustained by that, it is hard to untangle yourself from that gorgeous embrace.

Conquering a fear of sea sickness, I took a deep breath, some pills and managed to brave the crossing to the Isles of Scilly. The weather was kind, but the ocean swell off Lands End still made itself known especially on the return, when it rolls the ferry corkscrewing through the cold blue Gannett skewered sea.

My mother finally succumbed to pneumonia, in a nursing home. She had been slowly drifting away from us due to dementia for a number of years, so an initial feeling of relief has given way to vivid dreams of her and moments of grief. She was 94 and had a full life despite battles with depression and insomnia, maybe now I am more at sea, but I like the feeling.