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Today at the beach high tide line I rediscovered an idea. 45 years ago I launched a toy yacht on a pond on Wimbledon common. Attached to the keel was a torpedo shaped, battery powered propellor, somewhere in the middle of the pond it fell off and the yacht, now under wind power, returned to shore.

Today I found a propellor, although in different colours mine was blue and white, and an idea, a recurring idea accompanying that object, that I remember feeling when I was 10. That life is not linear, but circular. As unaware as we are as children we do have an innate understanding that things come around, again and again in life, ideas, skills, smells, chances, choices,  animals, friends. We want to look and explore and find and see everything. Somewhere along the ‘line’ we have been persuaded that life is linear and all the poorer for that flat earth capitalist based idea.