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MILK up to 1 month

Fee – None

Travel – None

Accommodation – None

Expectations- North East based artist. Make work in gallery space


Resartist, Open Roads, 3 weeks

Fee – None

Travel – None

Accommodation – $750

Expectations – Free to work on their own project

Penrhyn Castle, National Trust – 1-3 months

Fee – £8000

Travel – unknown

Accommodation – unknown

Expectations – Develop new work in response to the place or relate to specific themes. Engage with staff and the public. Maintain an online presence.

Parent Residency Grant, 4 week residency

Childcare Stipend – $1000

Travel – $250

Accommodation – Free

*Production assistance

Expectations – Print based artist.

Cove Park – Visual Arts Residency, 1 week up to a month

Fee – £400 per artist per week

Materials – £250

Travel – None

Accommodation – Free

Expectations – Research + develop work, present talk, and contribute to public programme.


Art@CERN Geneva Award

Fee – unknown

Accommodation – unknown

Travel – Free

Sustenance – unknown

Expectations – Respond to a specific theme. Artist must be Lithuanian.


As an artist parent the most appealing opportunity is the Parent Residency Grant and I was really pleased to see this being specifically aimed at parents as so many exclude them simply by the language used in the advertising and minuscule fees. I have seen a few artist parent residencies although they always seem to be in America it appears that they are leading the way by creating artistic opportunities for them. Although I would not apply for this as it is aimed at specific practices such as printmaking and photography also I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving my child in full time day care as I would want my husband with me as a support. With all these adverts if I enquired further maybe alternative arrangements could be possible although as a busy working mum I don’t have time to find out, I need to know now, simply and clearly what is on offer.

I feel with most of the residencies advertised there are so many wow words used it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is expected of the artist. I am aware that I am being very reductive in my treatment of the original residency info however I feel it helps me cut through the glossy language and basically see essentially whats on offer. Although there is no artist fee I do like the simplicity of the MILK advert and even though the Open Roads residency is a paid retreat it is clear what it is. Clearly the best paid residency was at Penrhyn Castle however upon further inspection the never ending brief with many requirements doesn’t appeal to my working practice and the higher pay bracket makes me think that they are looking for a wow artist. This is just a feeling but I do question if the better paid opportunities are really an open call and whether artists are already pre-selected which is why I would never apply.