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Bedfordshire University – AA2A placements

Four placements on the University’s ‘Artists Access to Art Colleges’ scheme, which allows Creatives (artists and designer makers) to realise a project using university facilities e.g. technical workshops, IT, lecture programme

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Slow Travel – A Privilege Not A Sacrifice

This was published just before the crisis, about artists using trains and sea routes to reach artists residencies. Now people are either stuck in their residencies or can’t reach them. Here are some pointers for when we can all travel again. Photo by me of Copenhagen Station.

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Making a residency proposal to a non-arts organisation

Hannah Pierce, who has held curatorial and programming roles with organisations including The National Trust and Jerwood Visual Arts, offers advice and explores the key issues to consider when applying for a residency with non-arts organisations.

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Translating the street

I’m writing about my studio, but to be honest, I’ve had no time to work in there these last few months. I have worked…. though at home, whenever I could. I’ve been trying to raise cash for future projects, so […]

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Residencies: Wysing Arts Centre

In 2017, Wysing Arts Centre restructured its residency programme to be more responsive to artists’ situations and to support a more diverse pool of practices. Drawing on a conversation that took place between Wysing’s director Donna Lynas and resident artist Tessa Norton at the ‘Pivotal Moments’ conference, Lydia Ashman explores how and why the programme has changed.

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Residencies: The Mothership

The Mothership is an independent residency programme run by artist Anna Best from a purpose built studio nestled in Dorset woodland. Lydia Ashman speaks to Best and former resident artist Dominque Golden about how the flexibility of The Mothership is particularly supportive of artists with families.

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Women’s Studio Workshop, Rosendale, NY

I’ve been following the fantastic residencies, workshops and programmes of Women’s Studio Workshop online for several years, and seem many artists I admire, including Emily Speed, undertake residencies with exciting results, so I really wanted to visit there while in […]

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Models for mother artists: how to maintain your practice as a parent

Being a mother of young children and continuing your art practice is incredibly difficult. Inspired by a recent symposium exploring the challenges of being a ‘mother artist’, Frances Bossom – who presents a ‘Proposal for a Guide for Art Parents’ at June’s a-n Assembly event in Bristol – calls for an approach that values the complex reality of motherhood.

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Plate Spinning

AUDIOBLOG – Please click here No one told me that being a freelance self-employed artist would be a profession akin to circus plate-spinner! I have previously spoken of that in-limbo feeling… this is a little like that, but active rather […]

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A New Year

As I took down my 2015 wall planner this morning, ready to replace it with the new one,  I stopped for a minute to look at some of the highlights of last year …. April: Exhibition in Sweden followed by […]

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MILK up to 1 month Fee – None Travel – None Accommodation – None Expectations- North East based artist. Make work in gallery space Resartist, Open Roads, 3 weeks Fee – None Travel – None Accommodation – $750 Expectations […]

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Artists’ Books #3: Proviso by Nancy Campbell

Artist and poet Nancy Campbell explores the disappearing languages and environments of the Arctic in her latest limited edition work, which launches later this week at a book fair in London. Sarah Bodman tells the story behind Proviso.

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