As I took down my 2015 wall planner this morning, ready to replace it with the new one,  I stopped for a minute to look at some of the highlights of last year ….

April: Exhibition in Sweden followed by a trip to Stockholm

May. Light Night at Tate Liverpool.  This is where we changed our ways of thinking on engaging with the public with the work.

June. Exhibiting in Sheffield. A really nice overnight stay and catching up with old friends,

July.  Exhibiting in London .. attending PV and also seeing  some great shows in the City.

August. A work trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. A first for me.

September. Curating a book exhibition at The Williamson Art Gallery – using lessons learnt during Light Night in May.

October. A trip to Leeds to see the British Art Show

November. A trip to Manchester to see the art Gallery (and the Christmas Market!)   Also having the first of the artists arriving for the Residency programme at the studio.

December. Christmas nights out. Several…and a review of the residency programme so far: http://www.artinliverpool.com/feature-translating-the-street-interview-with-the-artists/

It was a good year, though incredibly tiring.  Its only when you stop for a minute and look back over the year, you realise how many good things there were.

I can only hope that this year will be as fulfilling .