I filled in the air paying artists survey last night : www.a-n.co.uk/p/3022313/ and one question in particular got me thinking – Have I ever turned down the chance to exhibit? Hmmm… Well yes, I have several times actually. Is that so wrong?

I’ve turned down exhibitions for reasons listed below:

I didn’t like the venue

I didn’t want to be labelled as a local artist

I didn’t want to invigilate

I didn’t think my work was right for the type of audience normally associated with a venue

It would have cost too much, with no return

I felt it was exhibiting just for exhibiting sake

I could probably go on more when I think about it. Have I been right – or was I digging my own grave with these decisions?


Back to work today…. but I was in really early and already making full use of the laser printers by 8.30 am. I was printing off some of my shoe designs and drawings to see if I could merge them somehow. When I got home, I soaked the printed versions in cleaning fluids ( my cheapo, and not very good version of blanket wash) to see if I could transfer the print onto handmade paper. I got some really good effects, which I’m quite pleased with and it has given me something to work on in the next few evenings.

I’ve got 3 pairs of paper shoes on the go now, but will need a full day off to do justice to my ideas for them. Roll on the next day off then…..


This is the sort of week I’d like to be able to do every week. Having the time to be able to combine the everyday running of a house ( basic tidying, doing the laundry and food shopping) with long walks in the fresh air, meeting up with friends AND producing a fair bit of work. I suppose that’s normal living for a lot of artists and they can take simple pleasures for granted.

With all of the work I’ve managed to create this week though, none of it would bring in money. If it wasn’t for the fact that I am paid to be off, I couldn’t do this.

I did though feel a bit of comfort when reading this : http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/mortarboard/2013/feb/21/10-things-art-teachers-wont-teach-you?CMP=twt_gu ( more so the comments – which some hit the nail right on the head!)


At the beginning of the week I felt like a rusty machine, unable to get the cogs going again. I’d forced myself to draw, but it just wasn’t coming. I think the main problem was, that I wanted to enter a 2D work for an open exhibition coming up, so I was restricting myself too much with what I thought would be ‘safe enough’ to be accepted. I produced a few works that may fill that criteria, but I just wasn’t happy with them. I think it would be best to not submit anything for this and just carry on with the work I want to do.

So…. as well as drawing, I’ve been making shoes this week from an old IKEA paper lampshade. Although I’ve only made the basic shoe shapes, I’m quite pleased that they are sturdy enough to stand up on their own. I need to build up a few more layers and add items to them, but I’m happy that I can go back to work in a few days with a solid project to keep focussed on.


Second day of my week off and by sheer luck, both days have been sunny . Although good obviously, it means I’m kind of torn between catching up with my own work and spending as much time as I can outside. All of those months cooped up inside an air conditioned building have taken their toll.

Yesterday, I started drawing again as I felt that I needed to get my ideas down on paper rather than going straight into the making – which to be honest, I prefer. I think also I was limiting my exhibiting options with only making installations and I needed to break out more.

Having seen quite a lot of other artists work over the last few months, I was mentally building up a picture of work I really liked and making a scrapbook in my head. When I began drawing, I realised I was subconsciously copying someone else’s style and that worried me a little.

I put the drawings aside for a while and went back to folding and packing up my paper planes (which are heading up to Leeds next month for the DWF festival: http://dwf.uk.com/ )

I’ve managed to condense several boxes of planes into just one, so that now I can either post them up there or just hop on a train with them. I think I’d prefer to take them up there myself as it’ll give me a chance to see the Northern Arts Prize while it’s on.

So the drawing……..I’ll have another stab at it tonight. I’ve had the day away from it and used my walking time in the fresh air, to re think my approach


I found an invitation to exhibit at an art fair (similar to SUPERMARKET ) this morning. It was actually sent a few days ago, but having several email addresses and not knowing what day it is half the time, I only just found it.

Normally I’d shy aware from these things, especially as there is a cost, but it is run by one of the Stockholm exhibitors and they seemed to be reliable.

SUPERMARKET was incredibly rewarding, we met a lot of artists, saw a lot of really interesting art and of course it was fun!

I was sort of winding down the group I went to Sweden with because I didn’t want to be tied down with lots more admin, but I am seriously considering this.

Anyone out there interested? ( or more importantly – anyone out there see any major flaws ? )

Copy of email sent…

I would like to invite you to participate to Platform Project @ ArtAthina at the 18th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens ART-ATHINA 2013, 16-19 May 2013. This program is for platforms, art-websites, artists groups, artist-run galleries and other artists’ initiatives. Please find as attachment the invitation letter and the application form with all the information. We hope we will see you at May!!!

The cost of participation amounts to 300 Euros (including VAT) and includes one exhibition space (12 sqm) and the publication of the catalogue and website.

PLATFORM PROJECT @ ART ATHINA has a low participation fee, so as to include interesting platforms, artists groups, art-websites, artist-run galleries and other artists’ initiatives that are non-profit or not yet established from all over the world.

Stand (constructed with 3 white panels), basic stand lighting, power supply, insurance of artworks during the fair, 24-hour security, common area and corridor cleaning, wireless Internet connection, standard entry in the official exhibition catalogue, 1 catalogue per exhibitor.

The booths of PLATFORM PROJECT @ ART ATHINA are limited so please inform us as soon as possible if you are interested to participate.

This year on the occasion of the Art-Athina, a number of international curators and writers will be coming in Greece to present and discuss their curatorial methodologies and challenges and they will also be tour at the booths of Platform Project @ Art-Athina :

Juan Gaitan ( Mexico) Curator of the Berlin Biennial 2014, Ricardo Nicolaou, ( Portugal) Deputy to the director , Serralves Museum , Florence Derieux ( France ) director of the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, and curator of Parcours in Art Basel 2013, Chiara Bertola, ( Italy) Director of Hangar Bicocca, ( Pireli Foundation, Milan ) and adjunct curator of Querini Stampalia,Venice, and writers like Kaellen Wilson Goddie ( Beirut) writer and regular contributor of Bidoun, Artforum, Frieze. Filippa Ramos, ( Italy ) writer and sporadic curator, co-author of the book Lost and Found – Crisis of Memory in Contemporary Art (2009), etc.