I seem to have longer and longer gaps between postings about my work. I AM working, it’s just that I’m quietly doing it in the background and not shouting about it.

As the studio has been freezing and there’s a scary mould growing on things because of the damp, I’ve been working a lot at home.

Our landlady (at the studio) has been totally sympathetic to our choice of mediums (3 of us work with paper) and has given us a free rent period to make up for the conditions.

Most appreciated!

So while at home, I’ve had to adapt to the smaller space and the fact that things need to go away between bouts of working activity ( my dogs like chewing my work )

Sooo… my recent work came about while absent mindedly putting teabags to one side, ready to bin or compost them. The tea represented my state of mind.  When trying to work something out, I make tea.  I didn’t realise I did it so much until I saw the growing stack.

Realising it was such a huge part of my working life, I wanted to incorporate it into my work.

The first attempts were simply glueing them together and painting on them. Ideas are developing, the more I work and I’ve recently put a stack together to be made into a book.

Early days yet (after all it has taken a while to go through over a 100 Tea bags ) but the pages are almost ready to be sewn together.

I’ve enjoyed this – it has been really therapeutic .