I had a few hours in the studio today… more time in there than I’ve had for a while.

The wind was howling round the building and I could see the protective roof sheets rising and falling as the wind gusted up through the gables. I felt like a portion of the roof would go at any moment and it was incredibly distracting.

Odd as it sounds though, I wasn’t there so much to work, but to just think. A quiet space away from home.

A lot of exhibitions are coming up that are slightly out of my comfort zone, so I will need to adapt my work to fit.

I think that’s a good thing – to move in a completely different direction, even for a short time, to set free the rust that’s been clogging my brain.

I did a little drawing – Following a pattern I found on a really old piece of lino that I’d found on one of my walks. I’m going to be painting patterns on something, so this was quite a lucky find.

It’s less than 4 weeks till I exhibit in Sweden and despite being told what they would like us to show, nothing has surfaced.

The Swedes (who we met at The Stockholm Art fair in 2012) are more relaxed and spontaneous than I am. They have pointed out several of my works that they like, but still no guideline.

The work is to be performative and they will be filming it. Not having ever done a performance and dreading the thought of being filmed, I’m asking myself – ‘Why on earth did I agree to this?’