It’s really hard to get back into working again after taking a break – short as it was.  I just feel sometimes that my time is stretched  to its limits…family, work, house things.  It must be wonderful  to just have your own work to think about, without distractions.

But then I suppose, its good to have so much going on so that I can focus and use what little time I have , productively.

I’m presently working towards the Independents Biennial .  It used to be called the Liverpool Independents, but the boundaries have now been changed, so that adjoining regions are included. Better for funding I guess.

I’ve secured a couple of venues, but I still need to check them out more in depth to work out hanging methods etc.

Not sure what I’ll show yet, but as I went back to painting towards the end of last year, hopefully, I’ll show the new work.

Because I took a break from blogging for so long,  it feels like there’s whole sections of my life missing on here.

I really needed that break…. to stop what I was doing and totally rethink my entire working methods.

I did start off dabbling with all these new ideas,  but to help me focus, I  grabbed the opportunity to exhibit at CassArts in Liverpool.

That was a huge step for me – not only having the pressure of showing new work, but to have a solo show again after working and exhibiting with groups for so long.

To be honest, it was terrifying. I thought people might snigger at my paintings. Even though I’ve been exhibiting installations and ‘objects’ for so long, this was different. When I made something before,  I could confidently say ‘This is my work, accept it’… with painting though, I felt there was more of a judgement.  You could make comparisons, whereas with the old work you couldn’t.

As it turned out, I had a huge amount of support from everyone and CassArts were wonderful. It was a small show, but it set me heading in the right ( or rather new ) direction again.