I’m just back from another ‘too short’ trip to London, but my time was spent well and productively making my limited time worth every minute spent. It was such a good trip; I’m not sure where to begin. Perhaps business first…

I curated another show at Core Gallery, ‘In the Current Climate’ which is a group exhibition of our studio artists. It runs concurrently with the open studios at Core this weekend. I had a great time working with Carolyn Lefley, Kelda Hole, Nik Cornwell and Gillian Powell, their input and insights were invaluable and made the whole process a great pleasure. Pop in to see it if you get a chance.

The rest of my time was given to meeting people and was perhaps the best part of all. In particular, I finally had the opportunity to meet Helen Scalway. She was last year’s St George’s Artist in Residence and she posted on occasion to the blog they run on Artists Talking. It was the place where I first saw her work – I was smitten. We recently made contact again through DIY Educate at Core Gallery where we arranged to meet in person. It was brilliant. Luckily, I had some work with me because of the show and open studios and we spent about three hours looking at it.

For the first time, I think I questioned whether it is more important to be loved or understood. I say that because Helen read my work as if she was reading a text, it was unbelievable how deeply she comprehended my work. I’ve never had that experience before and it was a profound confirmation, my thanks and gratitude to Helen for her time, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been busily socializing myself on network media. It is still a work in progress…but you can now find me on twitter, facebook and linkedin/behance (that one, behance, may not be visible yet). It simply is a whirlwind.

Oh and by the way, the review I did of DYSTOPIA for Whitehot is still in the pipeline and hasn’t been published yet, hopefully it will be soon.

I think I really must dig out my ruby slippers and repeat ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,’ because each time I’m in London it’s like going to see the wizard…