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One Year On Brexit Survey July 2017: Headlines

Following on from a survey in July 2016 just after the EU referendum, we surveyed our members again one year on to continue to assess the ongoing impact of Brexit. Based on c1,200 survey responses, key headlines are summarised in this briefing paper.

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Research Working practice

Creative freelancers

Based on a survey of 700 creative freelancers and 50 businesses, report sets out policy recommendations to improve the working lives of creative freelancers.

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A Q&A with… Rachel Maclean, Scotland + Venice artist

For her Venice Biennale film, Spite Your Face, Scottish artist Rachel Maclean has created a re-working of the Pinnocchio story that explores power, political lies and the rise of populism. Moira Jeffrey talks to her about the themes and form of the work.

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Resource Guide

2017 General Election Artists’ Toolkit

Advocacy toolkit to support a-n members to make the case for visual art and artists in the run up to the 2017 General Election on 8 June. Provides key messages, ideas for communicating and a sample letter.

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Research International contexts

The Art of Brexit

The British Council consider the implications of Brexit in terms of an opportunity for Britain to present its “creative genius” to the world.

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Midwestern blues: Trump, a polarised America, and the curse and opportunity of ‘interesting times’

As Washington DC prepares for the 20 January presidential inauguration and the rest of the world is gripped/appalled by the latest predictably narcissistic Donald Trump Twitter outburst, London-based artist Sonya Dyer – who was on a residency in Nebraska during the election – reflects on her US experience and considers what the new era means for art and artists.

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