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Art funding for Magna Carta art project

I have received funding from the Arts Council for a Magna Carta art project which will be touring England next year. The four-piece collage highlights the key women & men that have had an impact on British women over the last 800 years & commemorates the 800th year anniversary.

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Folded work, critically examined

The folded series: a group of paper, origamiesque work, critiqued: Intrigue Simplicity Sculptural Quirkiness An object interrupting its own form Spectatorial gaze unfettered by any barrier Eye’s focus denied a single point of stability Folded form and colours hinting at […]

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An investigation into edgelands, non-places and spaces traversed on the way to somewhere else. How can film be used to create collages about such places and how can the limitations of the camera influence what is captured?

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