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My new film is finally finished!

An opportunity swiftly followed that would allow the work to be developed further so I spent most of last week working on the application. The first thing to tackle was the context – what I say about the work – which was in dire need of overhaul. What seems to work for me is to write a quick draft, pare this back to key points and then rearrange into some kind of logical order. The goal is to connect honestly with what the work’s about so the pressure is to challenge content and dump superfluous waffle. Generalisations were removed; any sweeping statements or obscure references were replaced by specifics expanding on what the particular concept meant for the work itself. This was a useful exercise as it challenged my own understanding and several things altered as a result.

The whole process took about five days. I spent a bit of time each morning revisiting what I’d written with fresh eyes, repeating this until the amendments petered out and the text finally felt right.

Link to an extract of the film

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