Testing installation of ‘In the shadow of her gaze n.02’

Since this piece has already been installed in a light, airy, clean space (see images: http://clairemanning.co.uk/z_in_the%20_shadow_inst…), when taking the exhibition down it made sense to take some time to test alternative presentation methods.

The first two shots show it installed on the floor. This doesn’t work – it’s hard to work with height without having a wall or other prop to utilise, and placing the work on the floor looks like it’s been simply discarded, in a BAD, uncaring way.

The other alternatives propped in a corner or displayed tightly leaning against a wall both work. Both give a more intense, frenetic hang than the original wall-based installation. My suspicions are this piece must react to the characteristics of the surrounding space and my specific motivations when installing it. I’m due to show this work again in October (http://makingart-work.co.uk/shift-exhibition-17th-…) in a space I haven’t yet seen but which I suspect is less ‘white cube’ and more domestic, which will better prove my theory.