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Still shots from ‘In search of the unreal n.01’
Fold, bend, cut
Draw a line
Overlay, conceal, reveal, interrupt, disrupt
The shifting, uncertain image

This is the litany to run through my mind whilst I make the series of new collages inspired by my recent film. I’d like to find six or so collages that work which should be sufficient to refine the techniques and resolve issues. One will be fully finished using the correct materials, scale and mounting methods ready to show at Maidstone Museum in May with Making Art Work.

I want to think a bit more about how what I’m making relates to the exhibition’s theme of ‘time’. The piece involves photography and film which both inherently capture the trace of an event, trapping (freezing) it in time, although precisely what is caught is open to interpretation. The technique of collaging physically compresses the thoughts, concepts and temporal factors embedded in the original source material into a single pictorial instant.

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