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Jamboree 2018. Photo: Andy Ford
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Seven things that Jamboree 2018 taught us, including the difference between ‘Mince’ and ‘Sausage’ artists

Taking place on the idyllic Dartington Estate in Devon the a-n-supported Jamboree 2018 brought together 150 artists, curators and programmers from across the UK for lively discussion and the exchange of ideas. Hannah Pierce, a-n’s external programmes and partnerships manager, shares the key things she learnt from the event’s four days.

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Drawing (2015-2017)

I used to love drawing as a kid and began getting back into it a couple of years ago, mainly as an accompaniment to research, but didn’t really look into it in any great depth.  More recently, I have been […]

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101 Paintings

I walked the estuary trail from Exeter to Exmouth (approx. 10 miles) leaving 101 paintings along the way.  Below is a selection of images from my journey.

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