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From there to here

Glancing back at my “Day 1” blog post, it was strange to see the beginnings of my plan for the Once In A Universe residency and compare it with this much more developed section of the plan which eventually acted as a […]

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A Brief History of the Future

It’s so useful to have a positive exhibition deadline to work towards. It provides that crucial impetus which forces decisions that might otherwise rumble along for ages. Suddenly it is possible to visualise the work in position in the gallery and […]

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Joe Hill, director, Towner Art Gallery, and former director of Focal Point Gallery. Courtesy: Focal Point
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A Q&A with… Joe Hill, Towner Art Gallery’s new director

The former director of Southend-on-Sea’s Focal Point Gallery takes up his new role in Eastbourne at a difficult time for the gallery, as local council cuts mean a 50% reduction in funding over the next four years. Judith Alder finds him relishing the challenges ahead, and with a focus on opportunities for the gallery to play a more central role in the life of the East Sussex town.

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About the residency at Curious Projects

Curious Projects opened  affordable studios for artists in Eastbourne in January 2015.  More than just working spaces, we aim to create a platform for fostering collaboration, encouraging mutual support, and the cross-pollination of ideas across artistic disciplines. As part of this aspiration, […]

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in a subtle web, in a little corner sly
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Some corner.

A residency journal by artist Alice Lunt, documenting her time at Curious Projects. [Curious Projects residency, March to May 2015, at Curious Studios, Eastbourne] • http://www.curious-projects.co.uk • http://walkintomyparlour.com

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