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Joe Hill, director, Towner Art Gallery, and former director of Focal Point Gallery. Courtesy: Focal Point
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A Q&A with… Joe Hill, Towner Art Gallery’s new director

The former director of Southend-on-Sea’s Focal Point Gallery takes up his new role in Eastbourne at a difficult time for the gallery, as local council cuts mean a 50% reduction in funding over the next four years. Judith Alder finds him relishing the challenges ahead, and with a focus on opportunities for the gallery to play a more central role in the life of the East Sussex town.

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About the residency at Curious Projects

Curious Projects opened  affordable studios for artists in Eastbourne in January 2015.  More than just working spaces, we aim to create a platform for fostering collaboration, encouraging mutual support, and the cross-pollination of ideas across artistic disciplines. As part of this aspiration, […]

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in a subtle web, in a little corner sly
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Some corner.

A residency journal by artist Alice Lunt, documenting her time at Curious Projects. [Curious Projects residency, March to May 2015, at Curious Studios, Eastbourne] • http://www.curious-projects.co.uk • http://walkintomyparlour.com

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