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Eastside Projects reopening: “A lot of positives have come out of what at first seemed a very bad situation”

Last June, Birmingham based arts organisation Eastside Projects unexpectedly closed its gallery space, with rumours circulating as to the reasons why. Director Gavin Wade speaks to Jack Hutchinson about the real reasons for the closure, how it highlighted the support for Eastside Projects from Birmingham’s art scene and the organisation’s plans for the future.

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A Q&A with… Sonia Boyce, artist, academic, and improviser

With a solo show at ICA and as part of a group exhibition at Eastside Projects, Sonia Boyce is exploring ideas around play, improvisation and sculpture – including a collaborative project with ukuele-playing skateboarders. Anneka French talks to the artist during the first of two lively, nerve-wracking performances in Birmingham, as skaters fly by and instruments are played.

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