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Residency Competition 2021

Since 2004 The Muse / Gallery & Studio has supported a residency program offering recently graduates subsidised studio space, a gallery to show and the means to cultivate both client and industry connections. Each year we host a group show, awarding the residency positions to a

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Working Through It..

Date: 11/02/18 Time: 19.52pm Mood: Spirited and Ambitious ..but slow.. So welcome to another A-N blog post! I actually started this post several days ago and have had a very busy week, with no real time to sit down and […]

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Welcome To My 3rd Post On A-N !

Date: 13/12/17 Time: 20.17 PM Mood:Feeling guilty.. Listening To: Nothing (although have had Christmas songs going around my head all day..!) Welcome to my 3rd blog post here on A-N! This is a blog about the development of myself as […]

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Bec Broomhall – New Paintings – November 2017

Date: 3/11/17 Time: 19.21pm Location: Home Mood: Behind With Other Work….drat! Welcome to my second post on A-N! This is just a short post to share some of my recent paintings based on thumbnail sketches. Please read my last post […]

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Then & Now

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    August 13, 2017
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Painting shown at Degree Show in Scotland.

As well as a visit to the Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, I popped in to the National Gallery to see the Degree show of newly qualified artists from Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen and the Highlands & Islands. I was […]

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The Jolly Sailor
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By creatives for creatives

University of the Arts London has recently launched a new venue, the Arts Gallery on High Holborn, with a solo show by Catlin-prize winning painter Alex Ball.

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Stoke-on-Trent Tour Guide
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Bridging gaps

Interrogation Walsall that explores the impact that one artist can make in one place in one day is part of Longhouse’s annual programme, which provides professional development opportunities for artists working in the public realm.

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