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Paul Moss, Workplace Gallery co-founder, 1975–2019

Paul Moss was the co-founder of Gateshead’s Workplace Gallery and also co-director of the Workplace Foundation, a charity set up to support emerging and under-represented artists based outside of London.

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A Day trip

It seemed a bit crazy to have a day trip while in the midst of so much chaos at the moment. Every spare second of my spare time has been accounted for and yet, I had this mad idea to […]

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Great Exhibition of the North announces 80-day programme

Starting on 22 June, visual art exhibitions, new offsite commissions, as well as an art trail, will take place across NewcastleGateshead, joining other parts of the Great Exhibition of the North programme to focus on the identity and rich cultural history of northern England.

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Resisting gentrification: why we should fight hard to protect affordable creative spaces

Newcastle-based artist Kathryn Hodgkinson believes that the city council’s planning decisions are having a detrimental effect on the area’s creative community. In the wake of the recent decision to demolish the creative space Uptin House to make way for ‘yet another block of student flats’, she argues that local authorities need to embrace the true value of artists.

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