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 AUDIOBLOG – Please click here Words and images are starting to appear in reaction to nine women now… My friend and huge inspiration, Heather Wastie wrote a poem inspired by her trip to Dudley. Heather is the newly appointed Poet […]

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Friday 19 June at the little museum of Ludlow

Morning: First of all, here’s the video link to my chaos / order talk, edited by Teresa Albor. www.vimeo.com/130677141 With Poet Martin Evans today. (Written in morning) Yesterday he was there on his own and the library was closed (foyer […]

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Week 99: 4th – 10th August

Since I’ve been researching art in museum practice, I’ve begun to notice more and more artists working with collections. In a way this feels somewhat reassuring as there is obviously an interest in the field in which I am working. […]

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step in stone

  • Archive
  • Venue:
    Somerset Earth Science Centre, Westdown, Halecombe & Fairy Cave Quarries, Black Swan Arts Centre and Frome Museum
  • From:
    July 08, 2015
  • To:
    October 18, 2015
  • Location:
    South West England
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A Fold in the river book cover

A Fold in the River

A book of poetry and image, by myself and poet Philip Gross. The result of 2 years immersion in the landscape walking the rivers Taff and Frome, which produced a subtle and provocative book, questioning ways of seeing and collaboration.

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  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here And so I stitch. No more music to be done until March sessions, so I listen to what has already been done while I stitch. And I listen to the songs to be re-recorded […]

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Object of Desire

This playful guest post from object artist and songwriter Elena Thomas https://www.a-n.co.uk/blogs/threads is about objects we desire or indeed need to make progress in our work. Objects can facilitate – change what we can do, can they even change us? […]

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A Handbag!

Abuela (grandmother) and I continue our unpacking here at a-n and it’s time to write again at Barcelona in a Bag! The parallel blog over at The Museum for Object Research has had Abuela and I pretty busy up until […]

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Cash Flow

The whole self-employed thing is great, I love feeling so liberated, being able to decide what I do and when. However, after decades of employment and salary, however meagre, the lack of regular payment is hard going. Cash flow is […]

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