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Summer Art Trail

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    LCB Depot, The Queen of Bradgate, New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Attenborough Arts (formally Embrace Arts), Two Queens Gallery, Graff HQ, Soft Touch Arts, Leicester Print Workshop, Unit 1 at The Great Central Gallery, Leicester LO-Fi Photography, Crafty Sew & So, Feel More Love Boutique, Seed Creativity, My Workshop, The Western and The Cube Gallery at Phoenix Cinema.
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    August 22, 2015
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    August 30, 2015
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    East Midlands
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New Projects building.

I am working on a project building in Dalston, London. I would love to have some more creative minds getting involved.

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To do with funding…

Someone asked me or maybe they told me, I can’t now quite remember how it was phrased… “Funding makes you lazy” First off, that made me a bit cross…. Anyone who has completed an ACE application form, successfully or otherwise […]

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Collab with Caro

Session one: ‘Making Sculpture – View from the Studio’ A conversation between studio assistants and collaborators chaired by Jenny Dunseath, feat. Olivia Bax, Neil Ayling, Hamish Black and John Wallbank. (I didn’t take notes until Session 2. However, I am […]

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Object artist or hoarder?

A pilot session for a new series of workshops I will be leading with Claudia Figueiredo beginning in January 2015 (under the whizzy title ARTicles) recently yielded an unexpected question. Unpacking a small suitcase of objects – which relate to […]

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Drawn Together

ArtAnon’s newest project, Drawn Together, starts in October. Working in conjunction with The Big Draw 2014 and Free For Arts Festival, there will be a series of workshops throughout the month that encourage participants to try exciting drawing techniques and add […]

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A small, voluntary community group based in Manchester. ArtAnon work within the local community to deliver creative workshops and curate public exhibitions to celebrate collaborative achievement.

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Residency Plans

In October I’ll be starting a yearlong residency with Bank Street Arts in Sheffield. It’s going to be a cross-stitch based project in two parts: I’ll be creating a large scale cross-stitch myself based on the mythical Ancient Greek Moirai […]

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My Graffiti Art

New to the site so, Im introducing myself by blogging some pictures of my graffiti art Murals

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A need to get rid of the safety net

I’ve been trying to work out when things all began to change,  Did it happen gradually – so slowly that I hardly noticed it happening, or was it just a ‘Ping – that’s it, I’ve had enough’ moment? I’m talking […]

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