January is definitely a hibernation month.  I seem to be constantly fighting against my natural instinct to sit on the settee with a quilt over me, eat (a lot) and watch TV.

Its good thing then that there has been so much going on to force me to get up and move.

Our PV at the Theatre last week was really well attended – despite the freezing rain.   Sales were slim, which we kind of predicted, but being a theatre and there being many performances over the month, there may be other opportunities. It’s good to know that unlike other venues, there will always be people around to view the exhibition.

Someone did offer to pay in instalments for one of mine, but I decided against putting up a red dot.  It didn’t feel like a definite offer, so I was cautious. If it’s still there at the end of the exhibition, we can sort something out.

A freebie housing magazine got in touch asking for photos so that they could do a spread. That will be good publicity. Not sure how they found out about the exhibition, but then we’ve been using social media to the limits, so they could have seen it anywhere.

My break from work started yesterday with running a workshop at the studio. There was initially loads of interest but only a few bookings.  With the studio laying empty for most of the last few weeks, I struggled to get the temperature up in there. I put an old thermometer up on the wall and watched it creep up from 2C to a mighty 4C even after having the heating on for 4 hours.

Fortunately, I’d bought a heater from home, which we huddled over while making things.  I stopped several times to warm my hands as my fingers had begun to feel numb. I hope next week is better.

I don’t feel relaxed at all at the beginning of these 3 weeks off. I feel apprehensive and slightly tense. I feel that I have something to prove – that I can make a living ….but deep down knowing that I can’t.