Studio progresses – the electrics will go in this weekend and then I can move in.

Meanwhile I continue to research my childrens story about Margate – it has kept me busy and creative in an economical way while all my stuff has been in store.

And I’ve re-engaged with my garden, which I neglected badly last year because I wasn’t around so much.

I’m interested in how the concept of ‘mindfulness’ has recently been circulated and developed as a ‘new’ discovery – anyone who has a garden, and spends time and energy on it, will know that that tending a garden is one time when you are truly concentrated in the present moment!

I’m really looking forward to inviting my friends to my garden studio…


Workmen arrived at eight this morning to build my new studio – luckily my grandson had woken me early, and beaten me into wakefulness with a gentle pillow fight, so I was up, dressed and ready for anything when they arrived!

For the past month or more we’ve been preparing for this. We moved the greenhouse – threw out rubbish, sorted and gave away unwanted furniture, toys, all kinds of stuff that we’ve been ignoring for years. We even managed to get our daughter’s car running so that she has transport, and I have a clear drive.

The studio arrived on the back of a lorry, with five workmen. They’d just got the roof on when it lashed down with rain and a gale-force wind blew up. That didn’t last too long, and now they’re tiling the roof. Can’t wait to be handed the keys – losing my studio was one the the hardest things I’ve had to deal with recently – but put it into context – how lucky am I to be doing what I do, and to have somewhere to do it!


the work is nearly finished – the rain is holding off, hopefully for a while longer?

I could quote Woolf, who is so eloquent about a room of one’s own – but instead, Marlowe ‘infinite riches in a little room’.