it is a yellow morning, meaning the sun is rising through, or behind, or despite of, a layer of watery atmosphere

– something like that.

a friend of mine died on 12 Jan, he befriended our family when we joined him to help rejuvenate the local magazine about 15 years ago.

he was a real citizen of the world, and with his wife, and sometimes his children and grandchildren, set about seeing as much of the world as possible, in retirement. He was a true socialist – worked enthusiastically to help change and create things that would benefit the wider community, using intelligence, wisdom and humour.

Now I sit here in the early yellow morning and think about him, and wonder where that energy has gone.


I’m a very solitary worker, but I value the contact with other artists, and it’s important to be able to share work with peers – so when I went along to Kent Creative Arts meeting yesterday to talk about my work, I was nervous, but hopeful that a few people would be interested.

It turned out to be such a rewarding experience! I was given such useful and enthusiastic feedback, that I honestly hadn’t expected, and have been able to invite people for the discussion at the Beaney (Can images move us any more?) I will be contacting them with bits of interesting stuff in advance of the day, so that we can hit the ground running, so to speak.

i deliver my work to the Beaney today, it has moved on since I submitted the original image, which I felt was ‘too easy’ Now it’s finished, and satisfies me.

Kent Creative Arts was set up by Faversham artist Nathalie Banaigs to encourage artists to develop business skills, and to foster networking between Kent creatives. She’s doing a brilliant job, and yesterday’s meeting marked the first for KCA Swale & Medway – from the numbers in the room yesterday, there’s going to be a lot of arts development going on in that area from now on, all springing from grass roots. And I look forward to starting some peer-to-peer crits, which is something I’ve felt has been needed for a long time.