So, now two years have passed and I don’t have another dog. I think I will get one but not at the moment. My life has lost the structure that it used to have, which in some ways is good, its nice to have flexibility. On the other hand having the structure was good it made me achieve things.

I had completely lost the habit of walking and as result don’t see the changes going on around me. Having the dog empowered my walks took me to places gave them purpose. I was never intimidated by any kind of  boundary or situation. Now if I do walk its timid keeping to pathways and within limits. I obey signs and I keep out…..these are bad things. Its way more interesting to break out, have a look and find out. I was liberated with the dog!

As the spring has started I found myself walking a little and discovered the area around the Share and Coulter which had been fly tipped to such a degree that I thought it would make the regional news after the 6.pm national news. The amount of rubbish was astonishing but because I never went there I cant describe it really. I did take a photo once, passing in the car as I was so shocked.

It has been like this for a year or so and is typical of the Edgelands  Paul Farley and Michael Symmons describe in their book. This is what happens in the wilderness?

Anyway because I walked past I know  the council must have cleared it up! I even looked inside the window ….shocking. This pub was a going concern when it closed and I expected it to just change hands. But it is a ruin now.

It’s Good To Walk.