‘3 years’ since Cosmo died.

I am still not a dog owner after all this time.

I nearly fostered a dog but at the 11th hour I pulled out.

I tried to buy an Irish Terrier in the last fortnight, but somehow the breeder seems to have dropped me as I found it difficult to arrange a convenient time to view. Its gone very quite and I am disappointed…… yet relieved at the same time. Apprehensive because of suggestions that the breed was often aggressive to other dogs! Is that something the owner can influence, or is it so in the make up of the dog so much so that you cant change it? My dog previously, Cosmo was unable to resist eating carrion. Dogs are scavengers and natures hoovers so why I thought I was going to be able to say ‘leave it’ and him take any notice was naïve. He was always always going to eat it, especially fish washed up on the shore, never going to leave it for all the tea in china. Run of with it and chew it yeh – leave it – no.  I was unable to change that and had to accept that. Terriers are going to have their traits and frequent dogfights would be disappointing for me. Though Cosmo didn’t mind a few. Anyway

I have not walked regularly without the dog in the ways I had hoped. Though I have ridden my mtb through the woods frequently this winter. To appreciate things for maximum benefit walking is the right pace, a bike is fun slip slidy in the mud but you are always looking just ahead in order to follow the path. Unlike walking where you can look all around a really hear and see what’s going on.

I am closer to buying another dog as ever I have been and I think it would inform my practice as it did before.

So why delay?