Wow .. has it really been that long since I posted? … I’ve been putting this off for some long while … but I have made progress. I’ve been focussed at least because I have reached a conclusion point with my film. The photography work and editing is complete. It has actually become a complete 10 minute film. Which feels good but confusing on where to go next at the same time. I’m not good at transitional stages.

I feel pleased with it, and having shown it to a small audience at Jelly Associates in Reading – I have had what felt like a positive response to it.

All well and good. But now … getting it out there

I’ve been submitting it to festivals and to venues that have relevance to the film, or who might be interested in it. But I’ve only had one or two tickles on my dangled line so far.

The poetry film festivals that have rejected it so far … I’m wondering if 10 minutes is problematic? It is within their requirements but it would be taking the place of five or ten shorter films so takes a very significant chunk out of a programme that is then less varied. Mmm. In a short film festival which might have films of up to 30 minutes then 10 minutes might be a nice filler in a programme – something a bit different. But it is not easy to put in a genre and it is quite intensive as a film to watch I think. And would it work alongside more narrative films in a programme?

I’m playing the waiting game for now. Staying positive. Hoping for replies to my emails and success in one or two more applications and proposals.

At the moment the film is not available publically online. It will be eventually. But if anyone is interested in one way or another – please do contact me via my website or instagram www.janeglennie.co.uk @jane_glennie