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a beautiful swan swam into the lake and gazed upon all she could see.  it was a difficult place as her recent flight to new waters was tainted by loss.

on the shore stood a boy, solitary and deep in thought.  he took a few steps to the left…. stopped.

moments later the boy once again took off, this time in a similar but different direction.  the swan swam beatifully some more.

the boy had to come to realise that all the hard work for the beautiful swan took place where he could not see but only know of it.

the boy stood.


he thought so much that he knew not want he thought anymore. .. time to walk again, his legs in full view for all around the lake to see.

like a radar dish he repeatidly looked across the lake to see if anyone would see his movement.  there was only a vista with a large old building in the distance.

the swan remained beautiful.

the boy remained hopeful.