This is a small, metalpoint-on-gesso, drawing of a tiny photograph I found in a second hand shop in Margate.  The photograph, which has ‘Neujahr 1940’ written on the back of it, is about 6cm x 9cm and my drawing is about A5 in size.  This drawing hasn’t been worked on for a while.  It has been through a number of reworkings and it’s not at the stage I would be happy to present it as a work of art yet.  It was (still is) intended as one of a series of drawings of people in Margate, or of people with some connection with Margate, wearing costumes or uniforms of some kind (a previous blog post about a drawing of a group of people in fancy dress, from the 1930s, is also one of this series of drawings).  This particular work might be picked up again in the future but for now this drawing, as well as the others, are resting.  The connecting themes with all of these are the themes of ‘identity’ and ‘place’ (specifically Margate) and the connections between people and places and bigger world events.  Primarily, my drawings are about people.