At last I have all the parts for the musical arrangement of my song and have a meeting with the band leader next week. Finally feel like I’m getting somewhere yay hey.

This weekend I have to write the various wall panel stuff that will go in the show. That in itself is proving to be an interesting exercise and has made me consider how to frame this for public consumption. I don’t want people to think this is a ‘trip down memory lane’ as, to be frank, it has nothing to do with that in my eyes. On the other hand I have to frame it in a way that will be compelling to what may be a particularly partisan audience in this context so it’s a bit of balancing act.

My list of acknowledgements is getting a bit long too. It’s at this point that I wish I’d made more comprehensive (legible would have been good) notes as to who was who. Think I’m going to have to double check the spelling of a few of the more unusual names…

Part of the process of making this piece is not really knowing how each element will turn out. They very much dictate their own theme. Mr Beckenkreger is no exception. He turns out to be very particularly associated with the letter H. Here is a glimpse into his world >>