After talking to Jane in the studio I feel like I needed to reevaluate the way I display my work. I feel like I am becoming far to precious with my work which is a miss representation of what the work is actually saying. i feel i need to move away from book art its-self and look at other way show my work.

I feel it would be best to look at different ways to show my sculptures. I am thinking of bringing text and perhaps even performance art. to take my work in a new existing direction. the Performance aspect of my work came from looking at my poetry. I feel that i don’t want to brake the personal connection i feel i make with a viewer in the way I choose to display my work.  as it is normally viewed individually and it is a personal jury for the viewer.

I like the fact that with my poems the viewer is reading them, not me. This takes me out of the equation and forces the viewer to read them how they feel it reads best. they can not make an opinion on the nitration ( me ) looks or sounds, my age isn’t  taken into account. it is only the words that are left to be judged.

the way in witch i chose to lay my work out is done very deliberately. I leave them as hand written, with all the mistakes plane to see. I feel that something hand written holds more of a persons character. This is because you can tell a lot about a person from there hand writing. it makes what you are reading all the more real on an emotional level. This is not some thing that you are able to get from a type face.

The new direction that I a going to take my sculpture is looking at working with plaster, glass or reyscaled materials. I feel that this would better express my feeling of having to rescyled information that i have header or been told. this was one of the meany different ways in witch i was able to get round the written word when i was younger.

I think that this tied in with me giving dialog about my work could look very good  in conjunction with each other. in my red idea book i have written about how i hate subtitles. as they often go off before I manage to read them. this got me thinking about how i could put up subtitles in my work but speed them up. this would make it had read. this would be a good example in my work.