So Chinese New Year starts on 5 Feb and I’ve decided to make that the start to my own New Year. Summing up 2018, I’ve moved more into artists’ filmmaking and further consolidated my work thematically.

The plan this year is to watch more artists’ films, up my production values, get into a festival….. and upskill my physical printmaking skills as I need the balance between digital and physical.

One’s own zodiac sign is traditionally not a good year but let’s hope I put in place opportunities for the future, however short that may be, and in the meantime fully be in the present.


Sometimes it’s good to take a step sideways as in the attached drawing which is not connected to anything in particular or any particular project. What I am asking myself though at the moment is whether or how I can bring the approach and or intensity of my chemo drawings to other work.

This quite small 32.5x18cm.



I cannot quite believe it but this drawing ….

…. has been accepted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize! Getting into this (and also when it was the Jerwood) has been a long-held ambition of mine … I keep looking at the email to make sure I haven’t misread it or that it wasn’t meant for someone else.


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The title of this post is a quote from a comment on these monoprints by an artist I admire, which I am of course rather happy about and it makes me realise how hard one has to work to make progress.

Normally I’d have had a bit of a rest today, having only been in chemo yesterday but it was the only day in July I could mange a second day at DBA Editions in Ramsgate and in August they are closed… Fiona de Bulat has been brilliant and I am really enjoying the monoprintint process so plan to do more in August in my own studio. However, I love the atmosphere at the DBA Editions studio and am looking forward to making larger pieces to take advantage of the large press.



Today 12 July was the only day this month I could get to DBA Editions in Ramsgate to do some more work on the monoprints which will be called “Helen’s Garden” as they are inspired by the garden of artist Helen Lindon. So although yesterday was chemo day and I am feeling a little tired I got quite a lot done.