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I’m posting this a bit late as Anna Townley visited my studio a couple of weeks back now. It’s really interesting to host two studio visits in a week; each person brings their own responses based on their own practices and lives. Anna and I spoke of entirely different aspects of the work in progress: Tai Chi, colour, curvature, containment, and double images. In contrast with the first studio visit with Dominique and Polly, I noticed how we lingered on quite different slides in the digital sketchbook and different maquettes. We talked about how we view what we see as the contained nature of science, how studies and research questions are clearly defined. In art practice the same focused start may be the origins of a project; but at some point an external element, a notion and idea left of field, becomes something which must be explored. Does scientific research have room to accommodate these compulsions to deviate off course? Anna and I talked about how art practice simply isn’t as contained as science, and it’s interesting then to think about how art can be used to inform scientific research in addition to engagement and dissemination activities.

I plan to work with perspex; and am getting familiar with its qualities, opacity and transparent, its hard unyielding surface and how this works with the subject matter I am trying to explore.