Excuse the title, I like to live my life with an imaginary soundtrack.


Anyhow, you have not heard from me for a while, this is not because I have been sat idly by, watching the world… No! It is because I have been very very busy.


So what has happened, well……


I was shortlisted for the Clore Fellowship and had to attend a panel interview at Sommerset House in May… I think was cinched my not being selected was the weird answer I gave involving allowing people to wear Burkas…. yeah it made no sense at the time and had nothing to do with the Question; my cardboard boxing and tree dancing (no I am not joking I really did this) and my attempts to make a certain sculptor and chairman laugh…. he didn’t.

I was lucky enough to get shortlisted for and accepted for a lovely grant for our arts organisation and a new course to help us deal with the turbulence involved in running a not for profit…. this starts in September…

The organisation has been going from strength to strength and we are nearing the end of our most successful exhibition ever…… part of our remit is making the arts accessible to all and so I came up with the idea of working with a film SFX company, specialising in practical FX (not CGI)  as there is so much artistry and imagination involved and it’s accessible to EVERYONE…. and it has been amazing, most days have been so busy it has been like having a preview every day…. I am NOT joking, I am so proud and happy about it.

This has also led to people who never knew where we were before, of who had ignored us coming in and loving the space and being shocked we’ve been open a year.

I’ve also been busy working on my MA Fine Art and have now 2 shows coming up in August for it instead of the one that everyone else has…… my The Panic Room which I will exhibit during this time is not allowed to be in the venue due to its use of infrasound among other things and so I have to have a separate exhibition if I want it seen.

I’ve taken part in various exhibitions and very happily I have just bee awarded Arts Council funding for The Panic Room which I am hugely excited about as it is quite an original type of piece and I could not afford to do it without help, especially as I need to employ some VR specialists to help make it a reality… exciting stuff!


So yeah… some quite good stuff.  That’s not to say everything is going my way.  I have had many obstacles mainly around my health but for everything that goes badly, something goes ok and occasionally things go great!


Anyhow I am nervous about meeting Susan Mumford next week, what should I expect, will she think I’m a fraud and rubbish and wasting my life…. I quite often wondered this, even when things are going well and I’m making various things happen I wonder.

I think part of the problem is that people liking my work and admiring what I make happen does not translate into material gain, not unless you’re really lucky so I often question myself.  My work is not commercial in the slightest

However I am nothing if not determined so wish me luck!