Submitted a proposal to ‘Poolside Emergency 2013 at the Bluecoat on Saturday 13 April to cut corners.



Site specific (psychogeographically)


Transform UK’s cultural landscape

Real scale and ambition

An idea which might never see the light of day

The sites or situations that the proposals relate to should not habitually be used for the presentation of the arts


I’ve attended two talks recently; My day in the life of Salvador Dali and 6 Million Ways of Getting into the arts. Neither would have passed the Ronseal Trades Description Act.

Granted, the first guy, in his introduction to Dali, talked about self-promotion so maybe that means you can self promote a talk with that title when the talk was really an introduction to surrealism. Mmmmm but I’m not so sure…..the funny anecdote was Dali in a diving suit screaming for air!

Last nights talk maybe more down to me and 6 Million Ways…. maybe the name for the series of six talks….but if the first one is anything to go off, it’s misleading.

Public speaking is a skill and …….the one thing from last nights talk was the artist was better than the curator (bien sur): sculpture = storage. “The burden of objects (R.Lowther).”


Art in the Home – Final Schedule

Saturday 2 February:

10.30 – Pick up from outside Manchester Art Gallery (Princess Street Entrance). Please try and get there for 10.20 so we can make a prompt start.

11.00 – Arrive at Biddy & Richard Schillizi (display by Arcade gallery) in DIDSBURY (refreshments will be served)

12.15 – Arrive at Allan & Jo Melzack (display by Arcade gallery) in WITHINGTON

13.30 – Arrive at Leila & Mark Alexander (display by WORKS|PROJECTS gallery) in CHORLTON (a buffet lunch will be served)

15.30 – Arrive at Connal Orton (display by Arcade gallery) in WHALLEY RANGE

17.00 – Arrive at Simon Pantling (display by WORKS|PROJECTS gallery) in the CITY CENTRE (Castlefield)

18.00 – Arrive at John Williams (display by WORKS|PROJECTS gallery) in the CITY CENTRE (Whitworth Street West) (early evening drinks will be served) Please note the coach will leave us at this last home.


Dear Martin,

Thank you for your application to Market Share. Unfortunately, your application has not been selected.

The scheme received a large number of applications which made for a highly competitive selection process. We also needed to balance the final cohort across regions, those applying as organisations and individuals and the range of activity being proposed.

Thank you again for your interest in the scheme and the time taken to submit your application.

With best wishes