Hi there,

Thank you so much for your interest in the Compass Festival and your recent proposal. The response has been unprecedented with over 160 proposals to consider, so apologies in advance for the bulk email. We have the budget for only seven pieces of work and the task of selecting from so many wonderful ideas has been challenging.

I am sorry to say that your proposal has not been selected on this occasion. We were looking for work with a strong emphasis on public engagement, and also needed to create a spread of work to cover a variety of performance styles and themes to creating a varied, engaging programme. There were lots of really good ideas that have not been selected in the light of the above criteria. I do hope you continue to take an interest in Compass, and we have plenty more opportunities available throughout the year. We’re always open to a conversation about future projects, and please do remain on our mailing list to hear about all our year-round professional development and networking opportunities. And do try to attend this year’s festival, if you can.

Once again, thanks for your engagement with this process. If you would prefer individual feedback then please get in touch.

All best wishes,