We are currently seeking submissions for performance work in any style or genre which responds to the themes of ‘exchange’, from artists and performers looking to show their work to new audiences. We are especially interested in performance work which falls between disciplines or is hard to define, work which is still in progress or otherwise ‘unfinished’, and work which can connect directly with audiences without the use of a fourth wall. Your proposal for Hatch at NEAT14– NB Please give us an outline of the proposed work, especially how your  performance works: describe what we will see in the space, why you think your work would benefit from being shown in the context of this event and what technical or logistical support would be needed to do it justice. Please also specify what kind of environment the work ideally would be shown in (performance space, café area, studio space etc). Venue images are available on request.

What you see

I wear a suit (possibly hi-viz clothing, depending on the weather) and sit to one side of the doorway/entrance to Embrace Arts, within a hazard tape frame marking my performance area. There is a cardboard sign stating the title of the piece Un sou pour vos pensees (A penny for your thoughts) and a pile of pennies.

How my performance works

People entering the building pass me and my performance on their way into the building. They see me, my sign and have a moment to read the title. Some people smile, I smile back; some people stop, talk and I give them a penny for their thoughts or not (they do not have to vocalise their thoughts but I still give a penny).


I perform phrases. A penny for your thoughts is a phrase people say (used to) but never actioned. Doing the saying creates an opportunity for conversation between artist and audience and opens a door to discussion. I have performed this phrase occasionally, in various locations, off ‘my own back’ so the chance to be affiliated – officially sanctioned, so to speak, would give me, my performance and my practice some external validation. Also, the title Exchange is a word my performance actively encourages and questions.

Hello Martin,

Thank you very much for sending us your proposal.

We received a very high number of responses to the Hatch: Exchange call out for only very few program slots. After long and careful deliberation our final line-up has been decided. I’m sorry to say that we won’t be asking you to show your work at Hatch on this occasion. However, we really liked your idea and with your permission we would like to keep your details on file for future events. Unfortunately due to the high number of applications we will not be able to offer any specific feedback. However we would encourage you to apply for future Hatch events and are happy to offer advice before you make your application.

Thank you for taking the time to apply.


I am a member of Castlefield gallery’s associate scheme; as part of the scheme a member is entitled to submit proposals for Launch Pad exhibitions. I first applied in March 2014 but my submission was rejected. I applied again at the next opportunity and was successful.

The shows on for 10 days…half way through, 5 days to go.

There has been a positive review in The Guardian.

As part of the show I am performing the phrase ‘drawing a line in the sand’.

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